General Information

ポートレート - Join the Friends of Furano Landscape Gallery

- Design and execution -
You can order calendars, labels etc with Furano landscape pictures.

- Loan of paintings -
Talk to us about mobile paintings for individuals and business purpose

- Access -
* By Car
On the route 237, turn at the push button traffic lights between Furano and Naka Furano (slightly closer to Naka Furano).
There is a blue road sign and follow the Nae direction.
Go about 7 km on Route 851 (Dodo).
At the T junction, follow the Landscape Gallery sign (black/blown) or sign towards Nae.
The building is the old Nae primary school. (map)

* By Bus (except Sun and public holidays)
Choei Bus;
From in front of Nokyo(JA) 6:46 9:03 11:43 14:13 16:33
Leaving from Furano Landscape Gallery 7:05 9:20 12:00 14:30 16:30

* By Taxi
From JR Naka Furano station 12-13 minutes. Costs about 2,500 yen.
From JR Furano station about 20 minutes. Costs about 3,500 yen (via Yoshii).

- Open dates -
April 25th till Oct 15th. Some changes may happen. Check with the gallery.

- Opening hours (daily) -
From 9:30 am till 4:00 pm

- Entrance fee -
Adults 400 yen
Elementary and Junior High School students (6 years old to 15 years old) 250 yen
(for groups more than 20 people adults 350 yen and children 200 yen)

- Contact -
Postal Code: 071-0737
Address: Nae(Mubanchi), Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
TEL/FAX: +81-167-44-4477

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